ASX Announcements and Media Releases


17/12/2020Update to market regarding section 444GA application1PDF
16/12/2020Update to market regarding section 444GA application1PDF
04/12/2020Administration Update – Explanatory Statement1PDF
03/12/2020Administration Update – ASIC Financial Reporting Relief and AGM Relief7PDF
29/05/2020Suspension from Official Quotation – PAS Group enters Voluntary Administration2PDF
08/05/2020COVID-19 Update – Progressive re-opening of stores1PDF
27/04/2020PAS pursues restructuring options2PDF
27/03/2020COVID-19 Update1PDF
24/02/2020Appendix 3Y Change of Directors Interest Notice2PDF
24/02/2020Launa Inman Appendix 3G & Terms of Board Appointment21PDF
24/02/2020FY2020 Half Year Results Presentation18PDF
24/02/2020FY2020 Half Year Results Announcement6PDF
24/02/2020Appendix 4D & H1 FY2020 Financial Statements24PDF
03/02/2020Initial Director’s Interest – Inman2PDF
03/02/2020Final Director’s Interest – Gray2PDF
29/01/2020H1 FY2020 Trading Update2PDF
15/01/2020Appendix 3Z Final Director’s Interest Notice2PDF
15/01/2020Initial Director’s Interest Notice2PDF
08/01/2020Board changes3PDF


24/12/2019Refinancing Update1PDF
25/11/2019Appendix 3Z Final Director’s Interest Notice2PDF
25/11/2019Results of AGM2PDF
22/11/2019Chairman and CEO Addresses to Shareholders5PDF
25/10/2019Resignation of Director – amendment1PDF
25/10/2019Resignation of Director1PDF
22/10/2019Notice of Annual General Meeting & Proxy Form16PDF
18/10/2019Annual Report FY201976PDF
10/10/2019PGR Appendix 3B9PDF
06/09/2019PGR Annual General Meeting 20191PDF
29/08/2019FY2019 Full Year Results Announcement4PDF
29/08/2019FY2019 Full Year Results Investor Presentation20PDF
29/08/2019Appendix 4G10PDF
29/08/2019Corporate Governance Statement9PDF
29/08/2019Appendix 4E Preliminary Final Report84PDF
25/02/2019FY2019 Half Year Results Announcement4PDF
25/02/2019FY2019 Half Year Results Presentation15PDF
25/02/2019Appendix 4D – H1 FY2019 Financial Statements20PDF
16/01/2019H1 FY2019 Trading Update1PDF


30/11/2018Trading Update1PDF
30/10/2018Appendix 3B10PDF
23/10/2018Results of AGM2PDF
23/10/2018Chairman and CEO Addresses to Shareholders6PDF
22/10/2018CEO Retirement and Leadership Transition2PDF
03/10/2018Appendix 3B10PDF
21/09/2018Annual Report to Shareholders72PDF
21/09/2018Notice of Annual General Meeting16PDF
06/09/2018PAS Group Brand Dunlop partners with Tennis Australia1PDF
22/08/2018FY2018 Full Year Results Investor Presentation21PDF
22/08/2018FY2018 Full Year Results Announcement5PDF
22/08/2018Appendix 4G10PDF
22/08/2018Corporate Governance Statement9PDF
22/08/2018Appendix 4E Preliminary Final Report76PDF
20/08/2018PGR Annual General Meeting 20181PDF
24/07/2018Company Secretary Appointment/Resignation1PDF
30/04/2018Trading Update and Business Update1PDF
22/02/2018PGR – FY2018 Half Year Results Presentation21PDF
22/02/2018PGR – FY2018 Half Year Results Announcement3PDF
22/02/2018PGR – Dividend/Distribution – PGR3PDF
22/02/2018PGR – Half Yearly Report and Accounts18PDF
09/01/2018Trading Update and Business Update2PDF


01/11/2017Appendix 3X – Initial Director’s Interest Notice2PDF
31/10/2017Appendix 3B10PDF
26/10/2017Results of AGM2PDF
26/10/2017Chairman and CEO Addresses to Shareholders5PDF
03/10/2017Appendix 3B10PDF
02/10/2017Director’s Interest Notice2PDF
02/10/2017Director’s Interest Notice2PDF
28/09/2017Director Appointment1PDF
21/09/2017Annual Report to shareholders72PDF
21/09/2017Notice of Annual General Meeting16PDF
28/08/2017The PAS Group Limited Executive Update1PDF
24/08/2017Corporate Governance Statement9PDF
24/08/2017FY2017 Full Year Results Investor Presentation20PDF
24/08/2017Appendix 4G10PDF
24/08/2017FY2017 Full Year Results Announcement4PDF
24/08/2017Dividend/Distribution – PGR3PDF
24/08/2017Appendix 4E Preliminary Final Report76PDF
11/08/2017PGR Annual General Meeting 20171PDF
10/08/2017Appendix 3Y – Change of Director’s Interest Notice3PDF
01/08/2017Appendix 3X – Initial Director’s Interest Notice2PDF
31/07/2017New Chairman Appointment and Board changes2PDF
07/07/2017Target’s Statement98PDF
07/07/2017Release of PAS’ Target’s Statement1PDF
27/06/2017First Supplementary Bidder’s Statement3PDF
26/06/2017Change of Director’s Interest Notice3PDF
23/06/2017Timing for PAS Target’s Statement4PDF
21/06/2017Change of Director’s Interest Notice3PDF
16/06/2017ASX Announcement : Response to Takeover Offer1PDF
16/06/2017Bidder’s Statement38PDF 
16/06/2017Unconditional on-market cash offer by Brand Acquisition Co3PDF
19/05/2017Business Update1PDF
09/05/2017Change of Director’s Interest Notice3PDF
14/03/2017Change of Director’s Interest Notice3PDF
24/02/2017Appendix 4D H1 FY2017 Financial Statements19PDF
24/02/2017Appendix 3A.1 – Dividend Announcement3PDF
24/02/2017H1 FY2017 Results Briefing18PDF
24/02/2017H1 FY2017 Results3PDF


21/12/2016Appendix 3X – Initial Director’s Interest Notice2PDF
13/12/2016Appendix 3Z – Final Director’s Interest Notice2PDF
13/12/2016Director Appointment/Resignation2PDF
21/11/2016Appendix 3Y – Change of Director’s Interest Notice3PDF
21/11/2016Appendix 3B – New issue announcement, application for quotation of additional securities and agreement10PDF
17/11/2016Results of the 2016 AGM2PDF
17/11/20162016 AGM – Chairman & CEO addresses to Shareholders7PDF
14/11/2016Appendix 3Z – Final Director’s Interest Notice2PDF
14/11/2016Resignation of Director1PDF
14/10/20162016 Annual Report72PDF
14/10/20162016 PGR: Invitation & Notice of AGM and proxy & question form18PDF
30/09/2016Completion of Divestment of Metalicus Business1PDF
29/09/2016Appendix 3B – New issue announcement, application for quotation of additional securities and agreement10PDF
26/08/2016FY2016 Results Briefing24PDF
26/08/2016Appendix 3A.1 – Dividend Announcement3PDF
26/08/2016Appendix 4E – Preliminary Final Report76PDF
26/08/2016Appendix 4G – Corporate Governance Council Principles & Recommendations13PDF
26/08/2016FY2016 Full Year Results6PDF
26/08/2016PGR Annual General Meeting 20161PDF
22/08/2016The PAS Group Appoints New Director1PDF
22/08/2016Appendix 3X – Initial Director’s Interest Notice2PDF
28/07/2016The PAS Group Divests Metalicus Business1PDF
25/02/2016Appendix 3A.1 – Dividend Announcement3PDF
25/02/2016Appendix 4D Half Year Financial Statements22PDF
25/02/2016H1 FY2016 Results Briefing39PDF
25/02/2016H1 FY2016 Results4PDF
23/02/2016The PAS Group Limited Board Changes1PDF


30/11/2015The PAS Group acquires JETS Swimwear1PDF
10/11/2015Coliseum & Associates Shareholding1PDF
04/11/2015Update on trading & discussions with potentially interested parties1PDF
22/10/2015Results of 2015 AGM2PDF
22/10/20152015 AGM – Chairman & CEO addresses to Shareholders16PDF
06/10/2015Target’s Statement41PDF
22/09/2015Response to Takeover Offer1PDF
18/09/20152015 Annual Report76PDF
18/09/20152015 PGR: Invitation & Notice of AGM and proxy & question form13PDF
28/08/2015PGR – FY2015 Annual Report38PDF
28/08/2015Appendix 3A.1 – Dividend Announcement3PDF
28/08/2015Appendix 4E – Preliminary Final Report84PDF
18/08/2015Appendix 4G PGR – Corporate Governance Council Principles & Recommendations10PDF
18/08/2015FY2015 Full Year Results5PDF
11/08/2015PGR Annual General Meeting 20151PDF
10/08/2015Full Year Results and Restricted Securities1 PDF
10/08/2015Replacement of General Counsel & Company Secretary1 PDF
29/07/2015The PAS Group acquires White Runway1 PDF
15/05/2015FY2015 Trading Update1PDF
03/03/2015Appendix 3Y – Change of Director’s Interest Notice2PDF
27/02/2015Appendix 4D Half Year Financial Statements23PDF
27/02/2015Half Year Results Briefing37PDF
 27/02/2015H1 FY2015 Results4PDF


03/12/2014Trading Update2PDF
18/11/2014PAS signs new brand licensing deal with IBML2PDF
30/10/2014Results of 2014 AGM2PDF
30/10/2014Chair and CEO address to Shareholders6PDF
26/09/20142014 Annual Report84PDF
26/09/20142014 Notice of AGM, proxy and question form and AR102PDF
28/08/2014Appendix 4E – Preliminary Final Report78PDF
28/08/2014FY2014 Results Briefing37PDF
28/08/2014FY2014 Full Year Results3PDF
13/06/2014ASX Notice – Admission and Quotation3PDF
13/06/2014The PAS Group Prospectus160PDF