November/December 2012 Volume 32 # 6 : atf.

Designworks named Target Supplier of the Year

The Designworks Clothing Company has been awarded ‘Supplier of the Year’ for Target for childrenswear with some 75 per cent of its design, production and management resources allocated to work for the department store chain.

Lynne Vandenberg, business manager childrenswear, said the firm employed a dozen designers who worked on the ranges for Target including its World Industries and Sista collections.

“They are forever searching trends and what’s resonating overseas in Europe and the US,” she said.

Their role was to take those trends from high end European fashion and interpret them for everyday children’s apparel.

“We do lots of product development and sourcing to achieve that goal for newborns to 16-year-olds,” she said.

“Target has a significant 25 to 30 per cent market share in childrenswear and, from a design point of view, come to us for their better/best offer,” she said.

Vandenberg also pointed to a collaborative approach to developing designs to ensure the firm did not produce items similar to those already planned for Target’s childrenswear garments.

“Many times, we’ll take it through and be very open to the fabrication, the colour and the components within the range to get it right,” she said.

“One of the big things is the communication between the two companies on so many levels.”

Most of the company’s collection is produced in China with some garments made in Bangladesh and India.

“We are working on very low price points with dresses at $20 and jeans at $16 and $18,” she said.

And she stressed the company invested in people to control production and monitor quality assurance at the various factories.

“The number of styles in any one season requires people on the ground,” she said.

“We have developed very good relationships with our factories and communication can be down to which button we want; we leave nothing to chance.”

“For childrenswear, the button is a fastener but is can also be a safety issue.”



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