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Womenswear label Metalicus has rallied businesses in the sector to form a fashion industry alliance and create an eco-conscious initiative, boosting brand awareness.

The “Warming the streets” project, spearheaded by Metalicus production manager Gaylene Langdon, calls to wholesalers and manufacturers to donate fabric scraps and assist in creating quilts from the materials to be distributed by charity organisation Open Family Australia.

Open Family Australia will begin distributing the quilts this month, and the project has already secured a number of fashion companies eager to lend a hand, including Review, Papilion Nguyen 11, Surrey Clothing, ABMT Knitters, Certton, Dome Fashion, RMIT, Rayona Frock Manufacturing, and Papilion Nguyen 11.

Rothfield Print Management, who are providing the logo stamp on the quilt label, Para Dyers, producing the ink for the stamp, and Nic Baxter Services, who are producing a website for the project, have also signed on to assist, and Ethical Clothing Australia and the Textile and Fashions Industries of Australia have also backed the initiative.

Langdon said that while the project aims to help Australia’s homeless, “Warming the streets” will also assist fashion businesses in reducing the amount of wasted material left over from the manufacturing process, contibuting to a greener supply chain.

“Right now, the offcuts are going into landfill, while redundant fabric sits in our warehouses gathering dust and taking up space,” she said.

“We absolutely want more businesses on board, and there are still plenty of us that manufacturer locally, and if you do this, you have offcuts and redundant fabric and there is a company making your product.”

Metalicus, which is actively seeking to get more fashion businesses on board, has also set up a Facebook site to connect suppliers, potential brands, companies and individuals who are keen to participate in “Warming the streets”.

Langdon said there are also plans undeway to produce a lighter weight quilt for the warmer seasons, and she is also planning the possibility of estting up a “think tank” together with Metalicus and manufacturers to discuss the impact of waste on the environment and how to minimise this.

Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Warming-The-Streets/176038179127621 (new window)

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