Our Mission and Values


PAS is a successful, innovative, agile and fun organisation.



 T Trust

Inspiring trust & personal responsibility in both internal & external relationships with openness & transparency.

 O Open Communication

We communicate effectively and ensure that our audience understands the message.  We actively listen; showing we are genuinely interested in understanding what the other person is communicating.

 G Growth

We lead, develop and inspire people to achieve their personal and business goals.  We seek opportunities to grow both ourselves and the business.

 E Enjoyment

We believe that business should be enjoyable.  Whilst working hard to achieve our objectives there should be an element of fun.

 T Team

We take a one team approach and empower individuals to contribute towards common goals.

 H Heart

We are passionate and display commitment and pride in all we do.

 E Energy

We are energised and excited about what we are doing now and future opportunities.

 R Respect

We treat colleagues, customers, suppliers and shareholders with respect during all interactions.  We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves.