Section 444GA Application Information

Ford (Admin), in the matter of The PAS Group Limited 2020 FCA 1873PDF
ASX Announcement regarding s444GA application ordersPDF
Orders of the Federal Court of Australia dated 18 December 2020PDF
Update to market regarding section 444GA application dated 16 December 2020PDF
ASX Announcement dated 4 December 2020PDF
Notice to shareholders and creditors dated 4 December 2020PDF
Explanatory statement – Section 444GA ApplicationPDF
Independent Expert’s Report dated 1 December 2020PDF
Orders of the Federal Court dated 1 December 2020PDF
Originating Process for Section 444GA Application dated 27 November 2020PDF
Letter to Creditors dated 28 October 2020PDF
The PAS Group Limited DOCAPDF
Bondi Bather Pty Ltd (Distribution DOCA)PDF
Letter to Creditors dated 7 September 2020PDF
Second Report to Creditors dated 7 August 2020PDF