Established in 2004, The PAS Group is a leading Australian Apparel and Sport business with an established business model and platform providing scale, infrastructure and know-how to exploit opportunities in a fragmented market.

The PAS Group covers both retail and wholesale, with a comprehensive online capability.  The business consists of 4 divisions with over 15 brands and licenses as well as creating Private Brand product for major retailers.

The product ranges cover a broad range of demographics across age, gender and price point.  Key retail brands in the portfolio include Review and Black Pepper with key wholesale brands being Everlast, Lonsdale, Slazenger and Mooks.  Key licensed product includes Bluey, Peter Rabbit and Disney.

PAS has a strong in-house and direct sourcing capability, with a highly experienced an committed management team.

The PAS Group places a high level of importance on social and ethical compliance and go to great effort to ensure all our products are ethically sourced and manufactured.
We conduct regular factory audits ensuring all suppliers are compliant with minimum standards (including minimum wages, ethical sourcing and factory working conditions).  If we find any evidence of unethical or non-compliance to minimum standards we take action by ceasing to place future orders with that company until they prove their standards are at required levels. If they fail to prove this, then we cease supply.


Our Brands